Miraclr Divine Dating Sim

Miraclr is a comedic workplace romance visual novel starring the biblical (and apocryphal) archangels—plus Lucifer! The story takes place in real-time over one week as you help the angels decide upon, then execute, a divine miracle. Throughout each day, you will both meet with all the angels and receive private messages from individual angels, looking to win your favor.

Once at the lounge choose a “Virgin daiquiri” for a drink and Spirit will commend the player and talk about not needing alcohol to have fun. When asked about the book the player would bring to a desert island choose “Dracula”. Next, when the Spin the Bottle mini-game comes up, try to land on Spirit 3 times. It’s not a dealbreaker if the player ends up with any of the other Killers at this part, as long as they choose the right answers at the lounge.

At dinner, the only thing that’s important to do is to do well during the meat carving mini-game. The choices you make in chat, meetings, and DMs will either increase or decrease your points with each angel. Not responding to DMs or questions asked of you will cause point losses, especially with Michael.

access to miraclr, an app used by the Archangels for intra-office messaging. When it comes time to confess, give Spirit the flowers and spend the day with her. When she takes the player to the Black Lighthouse and asks if they want to stay or go, choose “Go up and maybe die”. At the top of the lighthouse, players will face off against a light that gives off sinister energy and play a mini-game where they try to keep their eyes on Spirit. After that, choose Spirit’s preference to hang out at the lounge.

About This Game

creation and implementation of the first true miracle in over 400 years. Because you can’t visit them in their office, you are  given

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Miraclr is a comedic workplace romance starring the biblical (and apocryphal) archangels, told  in an office collaboration app. The answers and choices you make will affect which of the five ending romance/miracle paths (days 5-7) you can choose and whether the angels’ miracle is successful. Miraclr is free-to-play, and every path can be completed without IAP.

Notifications will remind you to check the app when there is new content, even if the app is closed. Your choices affect your relationship with each angel, and those relationships significantly impact the plot! Once you choose a miracle, the plot branches into six possible story-lines, with their own good and bad endings! Play the game multiple times http://datingrated.com/ if you want to experience the full script of over 100,000 words. The game sounds like it will use the Lifeline formula, where the game takes place over real time and you get notifications to interact with the game. The whole miracle planning takes place over an actual week, and you’ll be getting messages from all the angels looking to win your favor.

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When the player wants to know more about Spirit, choose to ask about the glass shards sticking out of her. Spirit is one of the wonderful partners players can romance in Hooked on You, the Dead by Daylight-themed dating sim. If you would like to receive an email to let you know if/when we have added this question to the site please enter your email address.

After she ends Claudette and offers the player her katana to do the same to Dwight, the player must choose to “Kill Dwight”. Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page. Guidexicon is a gaming community, with a huge selection of games and guides, where everyone can do their part to help others. Sign in to see reasons why you may or may not like this based on your games, friends, and curators you follow.

You’ll also have to make the right decisions to perform the miracle and advance your relationship with your chosen angel. This relationship will determine whether or not the miracle is successful. If you promise to stop (by clicking the Agree button below), we’ll unblock your connection for now, but we will immediately re-block it if we detect additional bad behavior. Supporting creators of visual novels and story-based games since 2003. To unlock the following, you have to play the game and collect/Earn achievements.

However, one-time-purchase IAP is available to skip or rewind the realtime elements. As you get closer to the angels, they might choose to grace you with images of themselves. Images you obtain in the game can be used to change the characters’ avatars, and also become available from the main menu gallery. Play as a human recruited to assist the archangels of heaven with the

Choose from 12 illustrated avatar options, enter your name, and create a female, male, or non-binary character. You can find each angel’s relationship meter on their profile page, accessible by tapping on their portrait on any channel. The date will get interrupted by the sudden appearance of The Wraith and then by Claudette and Dwight who will trick the player and the Spirit away from their date. There, the player will be approached by Wraith to come with him to his secret lair, reject him and choose Spirit instead. From there they will continue their date and come across a cherry blossom tree. When asked about what it symbolizes pick “Unsure” and then “Unsure” again.