Jaden Smith Leaned On Girlfriend Sab Zada Amid Will Smith’s Oscar Drama

Around five years ago, in 2017, Odessa and http://datingmentor.net/ first spoke. They allegedly dated for a brief period before Jaden decided to part ways with her as reported by Ranker. Tyler doesn’t discuss his lovelife, so his dating history is unknown, but he has been the subject of speculation regarding his sexuality. Cara and Jaden worked together on the 2020 film Life in A Year which sees the pair play a couple on-screen.

Is Jaden Smith Gay? Here’s What We Know About Will Smith’s Son’s Sexuality

Recently he is rumored to have an affair with her co-star Cara Delevingne. Both of them are spotted celebrating Valentine’s Day together. He keeps active on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others and often posts quirky captions on Instagram.

Explained : Is Jaden Smith Really Gay, Bi-sexual Or Straight?

In 2015 and 2016, she was included in the Times List of Most Influential Teens. You may remember her from her lead role in The Darkest Minds movie. Sources reported Jaden Smith and Stenberg were dating after the two were spotted attending her high school prom together. Touching moment Cardiff car crash victim Eve Smith helped her mother prepare for her wedding day as they… Following his breakup with Pettis, Smith was spotted alongside Vanessa Hudgens’ younger sister Stella.

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Soon after his Beats 1 interview, Jaden didn’t speak about the supposed relationship again until the Grammys, when he referred to Tyler as his boyfriend during his congratulatory tweet. Tyler never acknowledged or denied a connection with Jaden, but it doesn’t mean the two weren’t or aren’t an item. Jaden and Tyler have been friends for a long time and have worked on various projects together.

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However, Smith announced his feelings for Tyler again three years later. During a 2018 performance at Tyler’s event, Camp Flog Gnaw, Smith told the crowd he was dating Tyler and shared he meant a lot to Smith. Tyler was in attendance at the event and laughed off Smith’s comments. Just a few weeks after calling Tyler, the Creator his boyfriend, Jaden Smith was seen on a “romantic date” with an unknown woman in Paris. Whoever she is, she isn’t the first young woman Smith is said to be dating.

Like his life, Jaden’s love life is also full of ups and downs. Before Jaden professed his love for Tyler, the Creator, he already had a long line of people had had dated and dumped (or got dumped – you decide). Kylie and Jaden dated for almost a year from March 2013 to March 2014. It was during her relationship with Jaden that Kylie founded the Kylie Lip Kits which would later go on to be renamed, “Kylie Cosmetics Company.” They were spotted walking together on the streets and kissing at Kim and Kanye’s wedding. It was also during this time that Jaden dropped out of school.

“I was in LA, we were all hanging out. Then I went to New York and she came too, then she came here and surprised me, so that’s pretty baller.” The couple didn’t last beyond 2014, but that’s not the end of their story. When Kylie ended her relationship with rapper Tyga for the first time in 2015, there were some rumors going around that Jaden had something to do with the breakup. “Kylie and Jaden have been hanging out lately and it made Tyga suspicious. He thought something might be going on,” one source told E! Another insider swore that “nothing romantic has happened with them since she has been with Tyga.” Jaden Smith hung around lots of celebrity kids growing up, including “Cory in the House” star Madison Pettis.

They were then seen together at various parties and celebrations; in 2019, when Kylie separated from her baby’s father, Travis Scott, some of her fans decided she was going back to Jaden. Nevertheless, as of 2020, neither Jaden nor Kylie confirmed that they started dating again. They met on 22nd July 2011, and started dating in the August of the same month.

Jada Pinkett Smith has publicly admitted that she hasn’t always been a fan of some of the people her son’s brought home. On her Facebook Watch talk show”Red Table Talk,”Jada revealed that a few of Jaden’s dates made her feel “concerned” while Jaden’s sister Willow Smith’s significant others have been “been spectacular, in all honesty.” Whether it is his father’s Oscars antics or saying something stupid while on air, Jaden Smith always manages to stay in the headlines.

It might be surprising to learn that Jaden Smith often narrows down his dating life to not only famous people, but to the younger siblings of famous people. It’s a theme we see in his early dating life when he dated Vanessa Hudgens’ little sister, Stella Hudgens. It was probably pretty easy to get to know Stella since she is friends with Jaden’s little sis, Willow Smith. They reportedly dated in 2011 and broke up sometime in 2012, but the two likely bonded over having famous siblings — Willow and Vanessa are both pretty major all on their own. When it comes to setting the standard for Jaden Smith’s love life, his mom is seemingly the one doing the measuring.

Tyler The Creator remains one of the most successful rappers in the United States. As of 2023, the record producer is enjoying a net worth of $23 Million. His songs are listened to worldwide and have sold millions of album copies globally. Tyler the Creatoris a massive name in the music industry that hits beats differently. He is an American rapper and record producer originally from California. From his amazing musical career, he has landed two Grammy Awards and has an impressive fan following base.

However, currently, his fans are curious about knowing if he is dating Tyler, the Creator. The repeated comments and posts are flaming up the internet, and everyone is searching to know if this guy the ”man” of Jaden’s life. Even the extreme hatred Smith received for his last film did not keep him away from celluloid. But to everyone’s disappointment, this film got a lot of hatred. Jaden Smith received the Golden Raspberry for Worst Actor for this movie. Even though some critics think the film is suitable for entertainment.

It’s probable that Jaden Smith and Sab Zada are still dating, given that Sab Zada was the last person seen with him. And, given Jaden’s lack of dating history outside of Tyler the Creator, it’s plausible that his claim of them being in a relationship was just a joke because they’re close friends. Jaden Smith has never spoken publicly about his sexuality, however he did admit to dating Tyler the Creator at one point.