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David DeAngelo first got started in the seduction community back in 2001. He began learning from Ross Jeffries, Steve Piccus, and Hypnotica whom David DeAngelo has personally attributed for his inner game development. DeAngelo’s first e-book, Double Your Dating, is one of the most successful e-books ever written and has become the gold standard in dating advice for men. Since launching his Double Your Dating company, DeAngelo has released over 15 successful video and audio products including Man Transformation which is his most comprehensive inner game product.

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It’s my favourite because it is thought provoking, and tells the unknown truth. I always believed that attraction was all about how someone looked. As you can see my reviews do not correlate with how much I get paid. Keep these affiliate commissions in mine when you read other reviews, as some reviews are not made to honestly inform you, but only to maximize profits. However, from the viewpoint of providing a workable system his personal materials are definitely a marketing scam. “Cocky and Funny” his hallmark is not the most useful and best data out there.

DeAngelo has been saying for years that women are not as hung up on looks as men are – something that social scientists are now saying as well. A compilation of great books and reviews for those who want to improve themselves. Models, it goes into the framework or substructure in regards to dating/confidence with women, doesn’t really tell you what to precisely do in a date, this is DYD comes in. David DeAngelo takes everything he’s learned from only the best dating coaches, and he summarizes all the best techniques, strategies, and mindsets required to take any guy’s skill to the next level. When the book was safely in my possession, I grabbed a coffee and settled down for a good read. But the first few pages really turned into a struggle and I really had to force myself to go on – boy, am I glad I did!

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David DeAngelo, author of “Double Your Dating”, is a leading advisor to men on the subjects of Dating and Attraction. An expert in psychology, communication, behavior, DeAngelo developed the concepts of “Critical Moments” and “Bridges” to teach men how to Approach Women, Create Attraction and Avoid Rejection. The DYD email newsletter has been a major driver of the company’s growth since its inception. In an email newsletter, David DeAngelo answers readers ‘ questions in a mailbag-type situation. The Attraction Isn’t a Choice eBook teaches you all you need to know about how women naturally react to behaviours put on by men.

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David looks at seduction as a holistic concept and shares a lot of inner game advice. Very weak, outdated, with a lot a lot of wrong informations about women and faked scenarios to take as a guide. Didn’t finish it and it’s already one of the useless, time wasting, and worst guides you could possibly read. This book is a guide written by someone who found out how to be a d-bag. His personality sucks, he doesn’t know how to write, and he’s a douche.

This book tells us what women are attracted to. He continually releases new Double Your Dating DVDs and other David DeAngelo DVDs. His niche in the seduction community balances misogyny and equality. Students of David DeAngelo, pickup artists looking for a guru, have someone to admire to who is not completely interested in the degradation of women. This is my girlfriend’s favorite David DeAngelo quote.

Double Your Dating is not a free program and any site claiming a free download is either not being totally honest with you or is providing illegal copies, neither of which is good. Eventually, I realized that I can in fact change my life. I realized that attracting and dating the women of my dreams is possible…but only if I take action.

You will have to give up what you understand what a “nice” guy in the mainstream sense of the phrase. What you will gain is the understanding of how to be “nice” to women, while still keeping your dignity. Dating game questions and you may solutions dating old child and no currency.

Unlike other PUAs, he marketed this as a mainstream dating product rather than a secluded seduction bible. A regular guy who for the longest time, like so many others, couldn’t figure out why he didn’t have the success with women he wanted. He was a student of Ross Jeffries and went by the name of “Sisonpyh” in the PUA community . In 2004, he launched his first ebook “Double Your Dating” that made a splash in the online channels of the dating scene. Ever glanced around a busy bar and nine times out of ten it will be text book; hot man attracts hot girl.

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Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. How many times have you been given the advice, to just be yourself? But you know, sometimes being yourself just doesn’t cut it. We all need a little guidance from time to time.

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He really gives us a lot of useful data on how to meet women. This echo of the masculinists of the 1970s is something not many people can argue with. No one is trying to tell you to run your life in conflict with who you are.

Simply Sweets Father, Sugary Foods Mother, Female Sugar Youngster, Males Sugary Foods Kids. Attraction Isn’t a Choice has changed the way I view women, I’m no longer struggling for dates and I’m no longer scared of making an idiot of myself because it just doesn’t happen like that anymore. Learn how to avoid the dreaded “just friends” tag, and how to act when other men are around. You don’t have to worry for hours about when you should start kissing, or have those awkward pauses or drifting thoughts at the end of the night when you’re trying to decide whether to make your move.