Men Show The Creepiest Methods Girls Have Hit On Them

Dudes show The Creepiest Techniques babes have actually Hit to them And Oh My God

In America, cultural norms dictate more often than maybe not, we are those assigned with nearing the alternative gender to initiate romance. You will find conditions, positive, but generally we pick exactly who we want to approach, and women pick just who they would like to discuss their time with.

And it also sort of sucks! It will require balls to approach a haphazard girl, as well as the anxiety about obtaining rejected is actually real. It’s thus genuine, indeed, a large number of one has wondered aloud just how much sweeter existence might possibly be in the event that parts happened to be reversed. That is amazing, women hitting on guys! Wouldn’t it undoubtedly be haven? When this AskReddit thread is any indication, the solution is actually an emphatic no. Men contributed the creepiest means women have actually hit in it, and why don’t we only state the turf isn’t necessarily greener on the reverse side.


There was clearly this woman just who sent me a suicide note and said “I adore you a great deal that I’d perish without you”. We’ve been speaking approximately 3 days at this point


We regularly drive a limo (well, a sedan solution, nevertheless wasn’t a stretching). I picked up a wealthy, inebriated, old couple, and also the girl had gotten the woman face up within front side seats and stared at myself for several minutes, after that she stated, “very, can you want to f*ck this evening?”

I didn’t say anything, pretending she was not talking to me, and I also met her partner’s vision for the mirror. He had been simply going their vision and moving their head sadly. Once we reached their particular hotel, the bellmen needed to virtually drag her out of the auto.


Had a sloppy drunk cougar horny at some shithole diving in West Virginia groped my rubbish when I moved last, then stated loudly .

Gotta be honest, I wasn’t even angry.


She published smut poetry about having a three way with my sibling and myself.

Then she see clearly to my personal whole highschool during a school broad poetry recital from inside the auditorium.


Sent myself pictures of my self through my window from the woman parked car outside my personal apartment. The kicker was just about it was from an unknown wide variety as she ended up being utilizing an authorized messaging application.

She believed she had been sexy, it creeped the holy hell regarding me personally.


I happened to be at an open mic and there had been an excess fat Jamaican lady twice my personal age whom performed a tune because of the chorus “there clearly was a slim range between preference and enjoying, and a dense line between LICKING AND F*CKING”. The tune lasted 6 moments and entire time she was actually staring myself lifeless when you look at the attention.


In middle school there clearly was this girl that used to crush on me difficult. I got no attraction to this lady, so that it was largely merely their pestering me personally constantly.

Really one-night, while I became away with many friends. She smashed into the house and taped over one hundred pictures of her face photoshopped getting the girl and that I collectively all-around my wall space.

She thought it was the cutest thing in the planet, but I disliked this lady next, and my moms and dads known as cops


Initially, she asked me to appear over and sleep together. That has been perhaps not the scary component.

Whenever I dropped, she started explaining most of the circumstances she desired to carry out beside me. That can wasn’t the creepy component.

After her next unsuccessful attempt, she threatened giving a blowjob on the first guy she came across easily did not accept get back along with her. That has been unconventional, but it however was not the weird component.

Finally, not long when I’d left the party whereby it was all occurring, I got a text message from an as yet not known number. It indexed my complete name, my personal address, together with color of automobile that We drove… plus it had been implemented immediately afterwards by another message, which read “See you shortly.”

That was the weird component.

The laugh was on the, though, because i did not go back home that night.


Woman in a club placed the woman hands to my personal nose and requested if I appreciated the woman fragrance.


I’ve informed this before, however when I found myself a bouncer at a diving bar during an incredibly cool winter season, I got a female sit in the unit nearest toward doorway in which I got to be, and fellate each fry of an entire large container of fries while attempting to hold my personal eye contact. What i’m saying is, i really could see some one carrying out that on a single or two fries, while trying to be sexy. Its somewhat unusual, but any. But she at down and fellated about a pound . 5 of fries. Sucking and licking each one, while staring right at myself. She didn’t have the “coy look” down at all. It was an aggressive, virtually violent intercourse act perpetrated on a potato straight at me personally. And it went on for over a half hour. And that I had been a captive audience, because I got to be in the door, therefore was actually like 8 levels exterior.

Welp, that’s it, never ever dating again. Read the entire thread right here, should you decide dare.